Messages of hope

What are your proudest moments
Maria & Annika UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholars / Former Foster Youth

Reach out to those around you for support, you might be surprised by how many people care about you.

FOCUS Tools:
Your story matters, use these effective communication strategies to help you share it!

There are people who want to help but you need to reach out to them.
Justin - UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholar / Former Foster Youth

You are capable of great things, don’t be afraid to reach out for support when you need it!

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Use SCORE to help you identify your goals.

Supportive message to foster youth
Taylor Dudley - Alliance for Children's Rights

You are important and you have a bright future.

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Remember to take time to identify your own strengths.

Dreaming is important - you can make them happen
Sarah, First Star UCLA Bruin Guardian Academy Student / foster youth

Turn your dreams into specific goals to make them more achievable

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Use this SCORE Goal Setting Worksheet to create achievable goals for yourself.

You will have a good life
Edwardo, First Star UCLA Bruin Guardian Academy Student / foster youth

Believe in your own strengths and you can achieve any goal you set.

FOCUS Tools:
Use the SCORE Goal Setting Model to help you set achievable goals.

I believe in you
Annika, UCLA Guardian Scholar / former foster youth

With the right strategies you can achieve anything

FOCUS Tools:
SCORE helps you identify a new goal and determine the steps to achieve it.

If your foster home is bad
Maria UCLA Guardian Scholar/ former foster youth

Communicate concerns you have with others who are here to help you.

FOCUS Tools:
Use 'I statements' to clearly express your needs to others in a non-defensive way.

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