Advice from foster youth

My story: Some very bad times with a happy ending
Maria, UCLA Guardian Scholar / former foster youth

It can be hard to move on from challenges, you may have faced early in life, but there are strategies that can help.

FOCUS Tools:
Thought swap helps you manage negative thoughts and reminders.

You have to be your own voice
Justin, UCLA Guardian Scholar / former foster youth

Do not be afraid to speak up and ask for the support you need.

FOCUS Tools:
Use 'I statements' to stand up for yourself in a clear, non-defensive way.

Advocate for yourself and take charge
Kenny, First Star UCLA Bruin Guardian Academy Student / foster youth

Asking questions and communicating clearly can help you feel more in control of your situation.

FOCUS Tools:
Get clarification from others when needed.

Foster care made me hateful, but hate comes at a cost
Annika, Guardian Scholar / former foster youth

Going through difficult or challenging times in the past can have an effect on how you might act or behave today.

FOCUS Tools:
Learn what makes you stressed by tracking your feelings on the Feeling Thermometer.

Court was very intimidating but don't let that get to you
Tiffany- First Star UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholar / Foster Youth

Navigating the court system can be challenging. Keep in mind that your needs and opinions are important, share them!

FOCUS Tools:
Practice effective communication strategies to help you clearly express your needs.

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