Advocating for and accessing services

Assessing medical and developmental challenges
Erin Dornan, Psy.D. - UCLA TIES for Families

It is important to explore the resources available for idenfitying medical or developmental challenges in youth.

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Take the 'Ages and Stages' online survey to see if a youth requires immediate follow-up.

When to turn to professional help
Karen Rathburn, PhD, TIES for Families, South Bay

Be open to seeking out help from others for yourself or any of your family members.

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Keeping track of your child’s development can help you stay on top of areas where they might be falling behind.

Advocating for your child in all of their settings
Audra Langley, PhD, TIES for Families, UCLA

As a foster caregiver, you have navigated a complex system and achieved your goal. These skills will help you advocate for your child's goals.

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Use effective communication to develop partnerships with key people.

The importance of early intervention
Erin Dornan, PsyD, TIES for Families, UCLA

Touching base with youth about how they are doing can help you stay on top of early warning signs and seek help when needed.

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Check in with each other often by holding regular family meetings.

Thank you message to caregivers
Taylor Dudley, Esq.- Alliance for Children's Rights

Being a caregiver can be challenging but there are resources available to help

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Visit the Alliance for Children's Rights website.

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